The Fragment Room

Corporate Rebranding

The first of its kind in Singapore, The Fragment Room is a ‘Rage Room’ project introduced locally as an idea of an outlet for stress-relief in a safe and controlled environment. We were tasked with designing a visual identity that communicates the brand’s concept of ‘chaos in a controlled space’.

The interiors were designed in a manner that reflects the concept of the logo with cemented walls giving clue to the raw and physical environment; adorned with fluorescent light tubes that echo the branding.


The idea for the identity was tied in with the inner workings of a fluorescent light tube – a visual element that dominates the personality of the brand and acted as the base for the logotype.

The logomark, depicted as a transparent cube, was constructed around the idea of a four-walled room being an enclosed space where the rage-activity happens. Kinetic fields of ‘dispersing fragments’ encircle both the logomark and logotype that evokes the feeling of movement and action.

What we provided

Brand Identity 
Brand Naming
Brand Strategy 
Concept Development
Packaging Design
Creative Direction and Production


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