Vastness is an exhibition booklet project done for the ‘Vastness’ exhibition; the first solo show of photographer and artist David Goh. 

The brief was a simple and straightforward one: to design a booklet that fittingly conveys the idea of the ’vastness’ exhibition theme while showcasing the photographs cohesively.

Alluding to the distinctive black and white photographs which were clean, polished and refined, we decided to go with a contemporary approach, beginning with the theme as a starting point.

‘Vastness’ as a noun describes a great extent or immensity of a subject, and we quickly discovered that this was best illustrated with a single continuous black line - symbolic of infinity and immeasurableness - cutting horizontally across the front cover of the booklet all the way to the back.

To highlight the element of consistency and tradition in the subject matter of the Japanese fabrics in contrast with the contemporary execution of the photographs, a simple, clean and bold sans serif typeface was used throughout - anchored with a standard exhibition label text layout.